Audrey Yargui, DC MYCHIRO Chiropractic Office, Suresnes
Audrey Yargui, DC
MYCHIRO Chiropractic Office, Suresnes
Move better, move more
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Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm

Saturdays from 10am to 4pm


Manual therapy of reference in the detection, correction and prevention of back and joint problems, chiropractic by its global approach is addressed to all ages.

During the treatment, the chiropractor will also give you advice/exercises to improve your daily life and prevent the recurrence of your complaint.

It is a team effort, you are the main actor of your health capital.

Through its global approach, its adaptability to the needs of each person, chiropractic is for all ages and works on :

  •  The nervous system
  • Posture
  • Joint mobility



  • Softens the spine
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Tones the muscles
  • Prevents MSDs
  • Increases energy and endurance

Chiropractic and sports activities

The body is made to move with ease, according to your challenges.

The musculoskeletal system is constantly adapting to your daily needs, during sports and/or artistic activities.

Chiropractic, with its global approach to the neuro-musculo-skeletal system, offers an adapted and personalized response to maintain your adaptation potential.


I have been practising for 15 years, I am passionate about the properties of sound, light, the ability of the body to move and adapt to different challenges and situations.

I became a chiropractor on the advice of my GP.

I practised tennis, running, saxophone, I started singing for its relaxing properties and its precision work. The common point: the posture.

I regularly train, always in line with my interests, I enrich my expertise in order to best support you in your challenges.

                                                                                      Audrey Yargui, Dc


Audrey Yargui, chiropractor in Suresnes

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