Audrey Yargui, DC MYCHIRO Chiropractic Office, Suresnes
Audrey Yargui, DC
MYCHIRO Chiropractic Office, Suresnes
Move better, move more

Whatever your level, your body is subject to certain postural constraints, to the repetition of gestures specific to your art/sport and to the associated rehearsals/training.

Sports chiropractic is one of the branches of chiropractic that includes practitioners with an appetence in the care and accompaniment of the athlete/artist in the office and/or in the field.

The sport chiropractor has tools and approaches specific to the needs of artists and athletes.


  • Prevent injuries, muscle/joint fatigue
  • Manage injuries in sight and during repletion
  • Optimize, manage performance.
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Reload, recover before, after, between and during competitions.
  • Specific breathing based on somato-integrative breathing (SRI).

Thanks to Amal AMJAHID and Martina PORCILE for your feedback on our meetings during the international jiu-jitsu competitions.


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