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Every sport has its advantages and disadvantages.
Here is an article from the journal des femmes santé, by Anais Thiébaux and a colleague, on sports to avoid in case of back pain.

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Photon therapy means "healing with light". Used since antiquity, photon therapy is based on the principle of relieving pain or symptom by applying light directly to the patient's body....


Every four years, after the Summer Olympics, the world's best athletes in non-Olympic sports and disciplines come together in their common quest to compete in the Olympic Games....


Article on chiropractic, directed by Ms. Sandrine Coucke-Haddad, Journalist, specialist in nutrition, health and fitness, in the magazine Vital December 2019.
6 good reasons to try lach...


The World Urban Games (WUG) were created by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) in order to highlight the sports of the new generation of urban sports....


From November 23rd to 28th, the Ju-Jitsu World Championships will take place in Polgne.
Your chiropractor will be present, as Medical Staff, of a participating delegation.
The practice will be...


SRI (somato-respiratory-integretion) is an original approach, developed by the doctor of chiropractic, Donald Epstein, which links the development of somatic awareness with breathing ...

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